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Enjoy Lineage 2 Platinium Server
Lineage 2 Platinium Server. It is a server dedicated to the most demanding players of our beloved MMORPG Lineage 2, with Active Gm's throughout the day, ready to give the help and the corresponding control to have the best security and quality of game, with the possibility of getting everything inside of the game, there is no difference between the donors
Start your Path to Fame
Shape your trip in Lineage 2 Platinium, creating your character based on one of the 6 unique races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf and Kamael), each with its unique characteristics and features that take you along the way of 35 potential classes in which you can evolve.
Whether you take the path of a Warrior to become a Dreadnought or grow from a Wizard to an Archmage, the choice is yours!
Turn your Character into Hero
Conquer First Place of the Olympics fighting against other Players every 15 days, to Become the Hero of your class, Use your light to guide your Clan in the Battles against Raid Boss Epicos, in combat against other Clans or in the sieges to the castles to obtain Unique benefits.
L2 Platinium
Lineage 2 Platinium Server
Create your own clan or join an existing clan of fellow adventurers to unite your power to defeat the epic world leaders or other adversary clans that stand in your way! Level up your clan and expand your membership as you continue to complete clan missions and achieve exclusive rewards and benefits for the clan!
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