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When you donate you will receive a virtual currency
"Donator Coins"
Donations are final and non-refundable.
Donations are a voluntary help to keep the server
running, with the best quality and stability possible.
There is no obligation to donate.

$ 1 is equivalent to 1,000 Donator Coins.
to use in Premium Services and PrimeShop,
this item can't be obtained by drop in the game.
Premium accounts
The Premium allows you to modify the Exp. Rates
Sp. - Adena and Drops in your account including
all the Chars that exist in it.
These benefits only affect the premium account,
a player in party is not benefited with this rates. 
The Premiums have a minimum duration
of 1 days and a maximum of 30,
once this process is over you have to activate them again.

Premium Rates
Exp. = Duplicated
Sp. = Duplicated
Adena = Duplicated
Drops = Duplicated
Spoil = Duplicated
Spoil Chance = Duplicated
Spoil Amount = Duplicated
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