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Server Information
Automatic Accounts.
Active Community Board menu delivering special services where fences.

Siegues every 15 days
Heroes every 15 days (1-16)
PvP Color Name
Events TvT every 2 hrs.
Gm's Events online.
Territory War every week.
Autoloot  Items = On.
Autoloot Raids = Off.
Epic Boss Areas Autoflag
Epic Boss travels  via teleport
Auto learn Skills and Forgotten.
Rate Server
RateXp: 100x
RateSp: 100x
Adena: 10x
RatePartyExp: 1x
RatePartySp: 1x
RateDropsItems: 1x
RateRaidDropItems: 1x
RateDropSpoil: 1x
RateDropManor: 1x
RateQuestDrop: 1x
RateQuestReward: 1x
Weight Limit: 10x
Safe Enchant +3.
Max Enchant +12.
Normal Scroll 70%. max +8
Blessed Scroll 60%. max +12
Divine Scroll 100%. max +12
Destrucction Scrolls: 30%
ElementStoneS: 60%
ElementStoneS80: 50%
ElementStoneS84: 40%
ElementCrystalS: 50%
ElementCrystalS80: 40%
ElementCrystalS84: 30%


Lvl 20 to Lvl 85
Hp = x5
Rewards = x10
Exp y Sp = x10
Drop Adena = x10
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